Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fast Cheap Garden Set-Up

Clear Garden Area- remove weeds, rocks, leaves. Use pitchfork to go up and down tilling up soil. Go down deep. You can also use a metal rake. Trim the bushes down to get a little more sun.

Soil- Get a couple bags of organic topsoil, compost and 4(min) of garden miracle grow(not potting soil). Evenly distribute all bags and mix together with native soil with pitchfork. Split 2 garden spots around water pipe.

Fencing- Get specific fencing for gardens or chicken wire with stakes. You’ll also need some ties to affix fencing to stakes. Go around garden areas where plants will be. Basil, chives, cilantro, other herbs don’t need fencing. Put woodchips on the strip over in the middle part and around the outside to keep weeds out.

Plants- I get tomato, pepper, cucumber, basil when it is already bigger from Home Depot, Menards or nursery. Beans, peas, cilantro, carrots(I don’t do) you can get from seeds. Get different varieties of tomato(cherry/millions/jet star/beefsteak) and pepper(green, red, sweet, jalepeno) because some might do better than others. Make sure you give the plants plenty of room, especially the tomato plants. Spend a couple bucks more on the heavy duty big cages for tomato plants as your plants will get bigger. I typically lay them down in rows.

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