Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

The Atari Video Computer System, later called the Atari 2600 technically wasn't the first video game console, but it was is the first to popularize plug in cartridge gaming. Atari ruled the day until the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. Most Atari games featured basic levels which increased in difficulty the farther along you went.

Atari's programmers churned out plenty of arcade classics, new adventure games, sports games and some massive duds. I'm looking at you E.T. Lets flash back to some classic games. While I started out with 10, I moved to 25.

1.  River Raid- This top down scrolling shooter lets the player fly a plane as it takes out various targets. Make sure you watch your fuel.
River Raid

2.  Pitfall- This adventure classic lets players guide Pitfall Harry over gators, rolling logs and scorpions.
pitfall Pictures, Images and Photos

3.  Jungle Hunt- Another adventure classic that features your character swinging from vines, swimming and knifing crocodiles and saving a damsel in distress.
Jungle hunt Pictures, Images and Photos

4.  Boxing- My favorite sports game, players try to maneuver to punch each other in the face.
Boxing Atari Pictures, Images and Photos

5.  Outlaw- Players choose a cowboy and various different levels, shooting their guns in an attempt to knock the other player down with a shot. Ricochet shot, check.
Outlaw Atari Pictures, Images and Photos

6.  Pole Position- The first true auto racing game, Pole Position allows players to drive a formula 1 race car through a qualifying lap and then circuits with increasing difficulty.

7.  Kaboom!- This game featured a "mad bomber" dropping bombs which you had to catch in your three buckets. It required the paddle controllers which for some reason made it more cool. I have fond memories playing this at my friends house.
Kaboom ad 1981 Pictures, Images and Photos

8.  Rampage- With George, Lizzie and Ralph, a gorilla, giant lizard and werewolf respectively, players go up building smashing everything in sight with the goal of bringing them down.  Destroy everything was the motto, and hey, you could even eat the humans.
Rampage - Commodore 64/128 Game Pictures, Images and Photos

9.  Defender- This spaceship flying game allowed players to scroll both left and right while taking out alien invaders and protecting astronauts.

10. Robot Tank- A 3-D first person shooter, your tank was equipped with a radar to track enemies. The weather and time of day changed which was also ahead of its time.

11.  Asteroids- This uber popular arcade game was an easy crossover to Atari. While manning your triangle ship, the player blasts asteroids as they come in increasingly more difficult waves.
Asteroids Pictures, Images and Photos

12.  Berzerk
13.  Pac Man
14.  Centipede
15.  Space Invaders
16.  Vanguard
17.  Donkey Kong
18.  Missile Command
19.  Mario Bros
20.  Joust
21.  Frogger
22.  Burger Time
23.  Ice Hockey
24.  Pitfall 2
25.  Keystone Kapers

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