Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fast Cheap Garden Set-Up

Clear Garden Area- remove weeds, rocks, leaves. Use pitchfork to go up and down tilling up soil. Go down deep. You can also use a metal rake. Trim the bushes down to get a little more sun.

Soil- Get a couple bags of organic topsoil, compost and 4(min) of garden miracle grow(not potting soil). Evenly distribute all bags and mix together with native soil with pitchfork. Split 2 garden spots around water pipe.

Fencing- Get specific fencing for gardens or chicken wire with stakes. You’ll also need some ties to affix fencing to stakes. Go around garden areas where plants will be. Basil, chives, cilantro, other herbs don’t need fencing. Put woodchips on the strip over in the middle part and around the outside to keep weeds out.

Plants- I get tomato, pepper, cucumber, basil when it is already bigger from Home Depot, Menards or nursery. Beans, peas, cilantro, carrots(I don’t do) you can get from seeds. Get different varieties of tomato(cherry/millions/jet star/beefsteak) and pepper(green, red, sweet, jalepeno) because some might do better than others. Make sure you give the plants plenty of room, especially the tomato plants. Spend a couple bucks more on the heavy duty big cages for tomato plants as your plants will get bigger. I typically lay them down in rows.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twin Peaks Back - What Characters Return?

Twin Peaks was a quirky, brilliantly shot and well acted sci-fi mystery that delved into soap opera territory. Mastermind David Lynch will be back in full force as a producer, director and actor when the series is revived in 2016 by Showtime.

The series finale left much open to interpretation regarding what happened to several main and supporting characters. So many were left on the fringe of death. Some characters may have died but gone to the infamous black lodge, some may just be dead, some may be just be getting a damn fine cup of coffee.

25 years have passed since the 30 episode series ran from 1990-1991. Some actors may be retired due to long layoffs and there have been a couple deaths. So far, IMDB is listing Agent Cooper, Sheriff Harry Truman, Deputy Hawk, Donna Heyward, Bobby Briggs, Shelly Johnson, Audrey Horne, Leland, Sarah and Laura Palmer(Sheryl Lee), and the Log Lady as returning. Given that Lynch plays Gordon Cole, I'd expect him back as well. Co-creator Mark Frost hasn't been active lately but is also back. I'm assuming Josie Packard is dead and done, but you never know.

Returning? Beware many 1991 Series Finale Spoilers Below

Annie Blackburn: the love interest of Cooper won Ms. Twin Peaks only to be brought to the Black Lodge by Windom Earle. Did she escape and make it to a hospital? Perhaps, but Heather Graham is a busy actress not yet connected to the reboot. She's racked up over 75 acting credits since the show wrapped.

Ben Horne: the celery chomping wealthy tycoon who owns the Great Northern, Horne's Department Store and One Eyed Jacks was played by Richard Beymer. Now 76 years old, he has no acting credits since 2008. Horne was likely killed in the finale after he struck his head on the fireplace following a fight with Doc Hayward. Some sites are reporting him back, but there has been no official word.

Norma Jones: the owner of the Double R diner and the secret love interest of Big Ed, is wife of criminal Hank Jennings. Peggy Lipton, now in her late 60's, has remained active acting, most notably in The Postman, but is not yet connected to the reboot.

James Hurley: the bad boy biker and former boyfriend of nearly all the female characters on the show was played by James Marshall. Marshall has played many bit parts since his starring role in the boxing movie Gladiator in 1992.

Big Ed Hurley: the mechanic and Bookhouse Boy who is in love with Norma but still married to Nadine, was played by Everett McGill who has no acting credits since 1999.  David Lynch put out a tweet asking to get in touch with Everett, so there is a good chance he is returning.

Nadine Hurley: Big Ed's wife who has one of the most bizarre amnesia stints on TV was played by Wendy Robie, who has no acting credits since 2008.

Windom Earle: last seen being killed and having his soul taken in the Black Lodge the former FBI agent could take Bob's place as the pure evil mastermind. Kenneth Welsh, who played Earle, is a busy actor racking up over 200 acting credits in his career.

Leo Johnson: the trucker and 2 bit criminal was facing certain death in the finale holding Windom Earle's trap in his teeth. Eric DaRae, who played Leo, does not have an acting credit since 2002.

The Man From Another Place: the diminutive inhabitant of the Black Lodge and guide for Agent Cooper is all sorts of odd. Michael Anderson, who played the character, has not been very active since his starring role in the show Carnivale which ran from 2003-2005.

Andy Brennan: the dimwitted deputy was played by Harry Goez and has 7 total acting credits to his name. He last appeared in 2010's Earthling.

Lucy Johnson: the ditzy pregnant blonde worked the phones at the police station while in a bizarre love triangle with Andy and Dick. Played by Kimmy Robertson, she has had steady work since Twin Peaks but is not rumored for the reboot yet.

Dr. Jacoby: the oddball Hawaii loving therapist had a couple odd turns on the show. Played by Russ Tamblyn, he will always be known as Riff from West Side Story, but has remained acting in mainly supporting roles ever since. He just turned 80 years old.

Jerry Horne: the playboy brother of Ben Horne, attorney and client schmoozer could be in charge of the Horne empire following Ben's demise. Played by David Patrick Kelly, he has been fairly active acting since the show. Despite only 9 episodes he was a favorite character of mine.

Hank Jennings: who should be out of jail is, is played by Chris Mulkey who has been very busy acting in shows like Boardwalk Empire.

Mike Nelson: Bobby Briggs' best buddy and drug dealing pal, was played by Gary Hershberger who is fairly active.

Albert Rosenfield: the hard nosed FBI  agent had little time for the small time PD of Twin Peaks. He was played by Miguel Ferrer who is currently starring in NCIS: LA.

Dick Tremayne, the debonair fashionista of Horne's Department Store was played by Ian Buchanan who has been a regular in several soap operas since Twin Peaks.

Eileen Hayward, the wheelchair bound mother of Donna Hayward was played by Mary Jo Deschanel, mother of Zooey Deschanel.


Doc Hayward: the doctor was key in several investigations in Twin Peaks and was last seen possibly killing Ben Horne in a fight. Warren Frost, who plays Doc, was last seen playing Mr. Ross in Seinfeld with no acting credits since 1998. He is 90 years old now.

Catherine Martell: the clever and swindling owner of Packard Saw Mill had just sent brother Andrew Packard and Pete Martell to certain doom. Played by Piper Laurie, she is currently 83 years old and has just one acting credit since 2010.


Major Garland Briggs: his missions took him to the lodges, sometimes for long periods of time. The multi-layered character won't be returning as Don Davis died in 2008.

Pete Martell: the lovable and innocent fisherman who was probably blown up at the bank was played by Jack Nance, who died in 1996 from head injuries sustained in a fight.

Andrew Packard: the brother of Catherine Martell and owner of Packard Saw Mill was played by  Dan O’Herlihy who died in 2005.

Great Northern Bellhop: the old and odd bellhop was played by Hank Worden, who died in 1992.

BOB: or killer Bob, seemed to possess Agent Cooper in the finale. Unfortunately, Frank Silva who played Bob died of a heart attack in 1995. I'd assume Windom Earle morph into the role or it could get even darker.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Here is my list of the top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all-time. Arnold has been gearing up for several releases in the near future as his political future seems to have come to a crashing halt. Look for Arnold in "The Last Stand" early in 2013, followed by "The Tomb" with Sylvester Stallone.

1. Predator- Arnold has his guns blazing as "Dutch" in this amazing action thriller. With his special ops team led into a South American jungle, things go wrong when something turns the hunters into the hunted.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day- Once the cyborg sent from the future to kill Sara Connor, now Arnold is programmed to defend Sarah and young John Connor against the ruthless T-1000. Amazing special effects and action sequences galore in this movie.

3. Total Recall- Having dreams of going to Mars, Dennis Quaid decides to have memories of a holiday vacation implanted, but something goes totally wrong. Finding himself to be a double agent, Quaid starts to help the locals of Mars. I'm still not sure exactly what happened.
total recall Pictures, Images and Photos

4. The Running Man- In the future, prisoners can be sent to a game show where they try to escape a gauntlet of trained stalkers. Wrongly convicted, Ben Richards must beat the game to trigger a revolution.

5. Conan The Barbarian- A fantasy sword and sorcery film has Arnold playing Conan who is seeking revenge on Thulsa Doom.

6. Terminator- Arnold plays a cyborg sent from the future by Skynet to kill Sarah Connor.
terminator Pictures, Images and Photos

7. True Lies- Arnold plays secret agent Harry Tasker who reveals his identity to his wife and the world to stop terrorists.

8. Twins- A move to comedy was natural for Arnold in this film where he portrays the innocent Julius trying to connect with his twin Vincent and lost family.

9. Commando- In an attempt to free his kidnapped daughter, Arnold plays a former Black Ops agent gunning down South American bad guys at will.

10. Kindergarten Cop- Arnold takes another turn at comedy, playing Detective John Kimble, trying to hunt down the evil drug dealer Cullen Crisp. In a twist, Kimble must be the school teacher for the unknown son of Crisp.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peter Dinklage

What is the best part of Game of Thrones? Well, you could say sword play, double crossing, naked girls, maybe dragons; but I'll go with Peter Dinklage in his epic portrayal of Tyrion Lannister.

(Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Driving in Russia is Crazy

Here is a mash-up highlight video of crazy Russian drivers. Because insurance fraud is rampant, many drivers have gotten dash cameras to document others.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

The Atari Video Computer System, later called the Atari 2600 technically wasn't the first video game console, but it was is the first to popularize plug in cartridge gaming. Atari ruled the day until the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. Most Atari games featured basic levels which increased in difficulty the farther along you went.

Atari's programmers churned out plenty of arcade classics, new adventure games, sports games and some massive duds. I'm looking at you E.T. Lets flash back to some classic games. While I started out with 10, I moved to 25.

1.  River Raid- This top down scrolling shooter lets the player fly a plane as it takes out various targets. Make sure you watch your fuel.
River Raid

2.  Pitfall- This adventure classic lets players guide Pitfall Harry over gators, rolling logs and scorpions.
pitfall Pictures, Images and Photos

3.  Jungle Hunt- Another adventure classic that features your character swinging from vines, swimming and knifing crocodiles and saving a damsel in distress.
Jungle hunt Pictures, Images and Photos

4.  Boxing- My favorite sports game, players try to maneuver to punch each other in the face.
Boxing Atari Pictures, Images and Photos

5.  Outlaw- Players choose a cowboy and various different levels, shooting their guns in an attempt to knock the other player down with a shot. Ricochet shot, check.
Outlaw Atari Pictures, Images and Photos

6.  Pole Position- The first true auto racing game, Pole Position allows players to drive a formula 1 race car through a qualifying lap and then circuits with increasing difficulty.

7.  Kaboom!- This game featured a "mad bomber" dropping bombs which you had to catch in your three buckets. It required the paddle controllers which for some reason made it more cool. I have fond memories playing this at my friends house.
Kaboom ad 1981 Pictures, Images and Photos

8.  Rampage- With George, Lizzie and Ralph, a gorilla, giant lizard and werewolf respectively, players go up building smashing everything in sight with the goal of bringing them down.  Destroy everything was the motto, and hey, you could even eat the humans.
Rampage - Commodore 64/128 Game Pictures, Images and Photos

9.  Defender- This spaceship flying game allowed players to scroll both left and right while taking out alien invaders and protecting astronauts.

10. Robot Tank- A 3-D first person shooter, your tank was equipped with a radar to track enemies. The weather and time of day changed which was also ahead of its time.

11.  Asteroids- This uber popular arcade game was an easy crossover to Atari. While manning your triangle ship, the player blasts asteroids as they come in increasingly more difficult waves.
Asteroids Pictures, Images and Photos

12.  Berzerk
13.  Pac Man
14.  Centipede
15.  Space Invaders
16.  Vanguard
17.  Donkey Kong
18.  Missile Command
19.  Mario Bros
20.  Joust
21.  Frogger
22.  Burger Time
23.  Ice Hockey
24.  Pitfall 2
25.  Keystone Kapers